Taekwondo Tournaments

& Olympic Sparring

State and National Tournaments

Whenever there are Taekwondo tournaments or championships open to the public, especially if they are organized by AAU (Amateur Athletic Union of the United States) and take place in North Carolina, Empower Taekwondo would try to organize for our members and students to participate. These events typically include competitions in: Olympic Sparring, Point Sparring, Poomsae / Taekwondo Forms, Board Breaking, and Weapon Sparring. And athletes will be assigned to compete within their divisions, in terms of belt rank, age, weight, and height. Every tournament and competiton, our athletes bring home gold, silver, and bronze medals, as well as joy and sweats. We take pride in all the hard work, challenges, and growth we have had from every competition.

We highly recommend and encorage students to train and take part in open tournaments. If you are interested in learning about these events, or joining our Olympic Sparring Team, please contact us.

2022 Feburary AAU National Tournament Qualifier, Virginia, NC

2022 January Tournament, Mount Holly, NC

2022 January Tournament, Mount Holly, NC

2021 June Tournament Rumbles, Wilson, NC