Taekwondo Tournaments

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State and National Tournaments

Immerse yourself in the exciting world of Taekwondo championships with Empower Taekwondo! We regularly participate in public tournaments and championships, particularly those organized by the prestigious Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) of the United States , both within and outside of our state. Every year, Empower also hosts state championship, bringing the thrill of competition right here in our beautiful historic city of New Bern, North Carolina. Check out this year’s Cariolina AAU Championship.

Our dedicated members and students have the chance to get professional trainings, and then compete in a variety of events, including Olympic Sparring, Point Sparring, Poomsae (Taekwondo Forms), Board Breaking, and Weapon Sparring. Each athlete is paired with competitors within their belt rank, gender age, and weight, ensuring a fair and challenging match.

At Empower Taekwondo, we don’t just collect medals – we create warriors and memories. Our athletes regularly return from tournaments adorned with gold, silver, and bronze, their smiles as precious as the metals they win. Behind each triumph lies the joy of participation and the sweat of hard work. We celebrate the growth that each tournament brings, as our students transform challenges into stepping stones towards success.

We strongly encourage our students to seize this opportunity to enhance their skills, spirit, and resilience by participating in these tournaments. Whether you’re eyeing a spot on our Olympic Sparring Team, or simply wish to experience these events, Empower Taekwondo is ready to guide you on your journey.

Contact us today and step into a world of potential, perseverance, and empowerment. The dojang awaits your arrival. Let’s shape your Taekwondo journey together!

Global Open Kukkiwon Cup Taekwondo Championship

September 30, 2023
Smithfield, NC

Empower Taekwondo’s athletes competed among over 1,500 athletes from around the globe and brought home 50 medals.

Press Release: Craven County Athletes Bring Back Impressive Number of Medals from Global Open Kukkiwon Cup Taekwondo Championship

Tournaments and Events Photos

AAU National Taekwondo Championship, July 2023, Ft Lauderdale, FL

Carolina AAU Taekwondo Fall Championship, September 2022, New Bern, NC

2022 Feburary AAU National Tournament Qualifier, Virginia, NC

2022 January Tournament, Mount Holly, NC

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