This program has been designed specifically for 2020/2021 school year for families in Craven County who need safety, structure, academic support, and physical activities for their school age children while they are at work.

Empower Taekwondo Location: 610 Airport Rd. New Bern, NC

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COVID-19 Protocols

We follow the latest Health Guidelines and implement 3Ws.


Academic Support

Supervised environment for virtual learning and help with homework

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Taekwondo & PE

Taekwondo training from World-Class instructors.

2020 School Support Program

During the 2020-2021 school year, we offer a special School Support Program for students in Kindergarten to 8th grade during weekdays, when school is in session. This program is designed for families who need safety, structure, academic support and physical activities for their school age children while they are at work.


  • Mon-Fri 7:30 AM-5:30 PM, when school is in session
  • COVID-19 Safety Protocols at all times
  • Taekwondo training from Empower’s world-class instructors
    Breaks for lunch & snacks
  • Structured & supervised environment for virtual learning
  • Academic support & help with homework
  • Students will need to bring their own lunch, snacks, and school supplies, including their remote learning electronic devices.
  • Registration fee: $25 per family. One time. Non-refundable.
  • Weekly fee: $145/week, 5 days/week
    or, $35/day
    Afternoon only: $80/week, 2:00PM – 5:30PM
    10% discount second child
  • Pickup service: available for selected schools. May subject to additional charges.
Taekwondo Training
Vitual Learning

A Message From Master Hama

Register for School Support Camp

Space is limited, so please reserve your spot today by filling out the Registration Form below. Please specify each enrolling child’s grade, school (for 2020 fall semester), full-day or half-day service, and whether they will need pickup service (transportation from school to our studio). If you have more children enrolling, or have any other comment or questions, please specify in the message box. Do visit our FAQ section for commonly asked questions.


We will be closely monitoring any changes and new guidelines from the school system and the State, and continuously updating this page for new info. Please understand our top priority is to best serve you and your children during this testing time. Thank you!

Call Master Hama at 252-649-8452 if you have any questions, or would like to schedule a tour to our studio.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will Empower begin the School Support Program?
    • We will begin when Craven County Public Schools start, currently scheduled for August 17th.
    • Empower Taekwondo will follow Government Regulations regarding operation of the school care facilities.
  • How will Empower Taekwondo keep students and families safe during the pandemic?
    • Empower Taekwondo will always follow the latest Health Guidelines issued by the State and Craven County Schools.
    • Students will have a temperature check each day before the program begins.
    • Students will be required to wash hands or use hand sanitizer after each activity.
    • Students will practice Taekwondo in a socially distant way (at least 6 foot spacing).
    • Students will be issued face shields as a part of the School Support Program. These shields can protect health risks, while allowing for easy breathing during exercise.
    • Students will use a face mask as required by Craven County Schools when not exercising.
    • Outdoor practice will be used when practical.
  • What does my child need to bring?
    • Lunch, two snacks, and a water bottle.
    • Electronic devices for virtual learning, headphones, and other required school supplies.
    • Athletic clothes and tennis shoes for physical activities, a face mask, and a clean face shield.

Call Master Hama at 252-649-8452 if you have any questions, or would like to schedule a tour to our studio.


What Our Parents Say

Master Hama and all his staff are excellent with their students while teaching discipline, respect, and self-confidence. They are also great in working with parents’ schedules. I highly recommend!
Holly B.

Parent, Google Reviewer

A very family friendly community! The master cares about all the students and works hard too help the ones that need it the most! He just hosted a tkd tournament and went amazing! “Many Taekwondo schools came”!
Me E.

Student / Member, Google Reviewer

In 18 months at Empower my daughter has grown not just in strength & martial arts skill, but in maturity, respect for herself and others, leadership, acknowledgment of the value of all living beings, and an understanding of the relationship between sports, school, and family. Master Hama clearly cares deeply for these kids and provides nurturing stability while pushing them to be their best as athletes and human beings. We love the Empower camps held during summer & school breaks, as well as after school programs in addition to regular classes.
Amy C.

Parent, Google Reviewer

Empower Taekwondo is the best in every aspect! My daughter looks forward to her classes every week and cannot wait to learn new forms, moves and skills. Master Hama has a world class knowledge of Taekwondo and he is encouraging and motivating teacher and will never give up on any of his students. We love Master Hama and Empower Taekwondo and will always recommend it to anybody who has even a little interest learning the secrets of Taekwondo.
Miia M.

Parent, Google Reviewer

Master Hama is wonderful with kids. His energy and friendliness always makes coming to Empower Taekwondo a pleasant experience! My son always looks forward to going and his focus and behavior has benefited from being in taekwondo. Thank you Master Hama and the staff at Empower!

Michelle H.

Parent, Google & Facebook Reviewer

Master Hama has put together a World Class Taekwondo program at Empower Taekwondo. It's not just his experience in Taekwondo that makes this an amazing program, but also his dedication and skills in working with learners of all ages. I am particularly happy with the emotional growth and support my two sons gain through their training. We are fortunate to have such a high class program right here in New Bern.
Matthew I.

Parent, Google Reviewer

This program is one of the best. Master Hama treats his students with the utmost respect and instills discipline in his students.

In his program my daughter excelled. Master Hama makes learning the art of Taekwondo fun and exciting for all ages! Highly recommended.

Holly C.

Parent, Google Reviewer

Master Hama has a passion for people. He believes in each one of his students and their potential. You won’t be disappointed if you or a loved one enroll! This school is a great addition to our community.
Iesha C.

Family Services Director YMCA

Master Hama is awesome. He really cares about the students. My son loves Carolina Kicks TaeKwonDo. He is learning so much since becoming a part of the Carolina Kicks Family. We are mainly in the Matthews location but we have gotten know Master Hama well. We love his heart for TaeKwonDo and for the kids.
Lisa N.

Parent, Facebook Reviewer

My two boys and myself have been learning Taekwondo with Master Hama since 3 years ago. Not only our skills have significantly improved, my sons’ attention and discipline have improved as well. Master Hama takes his classes and students seriously.
Telly I.

Student / Parent

Our son was shy and timid; afraid to be in front of a crowd when he started at the age of 8. Under the leadership of Grand Master Cann and Master Hama Alzouma and age 13, he has so much more confidence when in front of a crowd. He has learned discipline and respect beyond any other extracurricular activity we have been involved in as a family.
Beth M.

Parent, Facebook Reviewer

Well run class with attention to teaching discipline and respect. Hama is an excellent instructor who takes pride in what he does and is great with the kids.

Great class, my daughter most definitely gets a workout and enjoys coming to class each and every time!

Charles C.

Parent, Google Reviewer

Master Hama is an excellent instructor. Students learn discipline, patience, respect, and teamwork. I highly recommend.
Carrie H.


My daughter started here back in August and has made strides of improvement not only in physically learning this art but in her confidence in her own abilities as a student. We are excited to continue and see what progress she makes in the future! Thank you to the wonderful, knowledgeable teacher!
Erika W.

Parent, Google Reviewer

I have been doing Kick2BeFit and self defense training with Master Hama for over a year now. Not only have I lost weight, but I have become stronger in other areas, too, like mental strength. He helps me in so many ways. And the man is simply fantastic with kids. I would highly recommend anyone to participate in any program Empower has to offer. I’m a student of Master Hama’s for life!
Ron P.

Student, Google Reviewer

Our son absolutely loves Empower, Master Hama, and the staff. We highly recommend. Very disciplined but also loving environment!
Amber D.

Parent, Google Reviewer

My family has been so thrilled to find and join the Empower family - and that really is what this dojang is. Our daughter has been taking a bit over a year. She is a part of the after school program and takes classes as well. Our daughter loves Master Hama and his staff and we really believe the feeling is mutual. From a great after school program where there is support for homework as well as some taekwondo instruction to classes where Master Hama gives advice and attention to each student, this team has it all and gives it all. I often hear Master Hama and Ms Yetta reinforcing that the lessons in discipline and respect don't only apply on the mat but in real life as well.

We also love how this is such a diverse group of students and families. The celebratory times have started to feel a bit like an extended family potluck. Thank you all so much for loving and encouraging our girl, not just in Taekwondo but in real life.

Matt A.

Parent, Google Reviewer

My 5-year-old son loves Master Hama and everyone at Empower TKD. My background is in early intervention and I have worked with 100’s of teachers/children. What Master Hama accomplishes with his students is amazing in my eyes. He can take a group of 3-5 year olds and they listen, follow directions, pay attention and develop amazing skills. I’ve never seen anything like it! Master Hama gives them 100% and they return it to him. His older students are amazing assistants, developing teaching skills, and patience / kindness to the littles through their assisting roles. It’s an amazing family of kindness, respect, and world-class training at Empower TKD with Master Hama. Try their free class and see for yourself!
Elizabeth P.

Parent, Google Reviewer

Master Hama, lives what he teaches! Persevere, indomitable spirit, respect, and discipline. My kids have enjoyed learning TKD from him and I have enjoyed TKD classes and the Kick2BFit classes. Here you will find the support you need to grow both physically and mentally! Master Hama has a way of convincing you to believe in yourself and that is worth every penny! He is by far the most energetic person I have met and that is a perfect match for any energy level of children! As parent, here you can find the support in teaching your children to respect others and have self-control and know boundaries are good, which provides that hour of respite for a parent knowing that after its not a battle to reestablish the rules again! Thank you!!

Jessica F.

Parent & Member, Google Reviewer

Our daughter loves Master Hama!!! She enjoys Taekwondo and Master Hama has taught her better focus and improved listening skills. She came for summer camps and is now in classes twice a week. Thank you Empower for being a great place for the family!! Strongly recommended!
Melissa A.

Parent, Google Reviewer

Our son was shy and timid; afraid to be in front of a crowd when he started at the age of 8. Under the leadership of Grand Master Cann and Master Hama Alzouma and age 13, he has so much more confidence when in front of a crowd. He has learned discipline and respect beyond any other extracurricular activity we have been involved in as a family.
Beth M.

Parent, Facebook Reviewer

We had a fantastic time at Empower TKD this summer. Our two boys loved learning TDK skills and all the exercise and activities! And we are back again for virtual learning camp - so excited the boys can do their school work but also get exercise and activities during the day! Master Hama is the best!er Hama is the best!
Maren S.

Parent, Facebook Reviewer

As a martial artist for more than 35 years and owner of multiple martial art schools myself.
I would recommend Empower Taekwondo to anyone. You will not find another athlete or coach more committed to your child's growth. Master Hamma's love and knowledge of tkd are outstanding. If you want to have a positive experience, reach beyond your potential this is the place you need to be.

From Master Corbin
Championship Training
Championship Training LL
5th Dan tkd

Master James C.

Martial Artist, Facebook Reviewer

You cannot get anyone better than Master Hama! He comes from humble beginnings, and has worked enormously hard for every accomplishment he has received. He knows what he is doing, he knows how to teach, and he is extremely passionate about Taekwondo!
Dess Y.

Facebook Reviewer

Master Hama teaches more than just Taekwondo to his students! He instills self-respect and respect for others; he aids in teaching them doing good for & to others, is best for self confidence. Believing in yourself to make a difference in a positive respectful way! The old saying, "it takes a village to help raise a child", can be realized here! As a parent , it is WONDERFUL to have another adult have your back on subjects such as no back-talking, listen when others are talking, finish what you start, and apply your best even when it's hard!
Another amazing point to Master Hama and his programs is that it can include Adults too! Not all of us are made to enjoy spin class (no offense) so this gives me a great opportunity to get a workout in a fun and useful manner. Self-defense techniques are good for any person to know young or old!! This way it increases our family time because I am not just waiting & watching them and then squeezing in my workouts at other times! If you are at all considering an outlet for your kids energy or learning a martial art for yourselves! Do it with Empower TKD and Master Hama! It will not be a waste of your time or money!

Alexandra C.

Parent, Google Reviewer

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