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Our Little Dragons and Youth Dragons learn the Taekwondo physical skills and important mental attitudes to build an Indomitable Spirit.

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Empower Taekwon, located in New Bern, NC, provides top-quality martial arts training for children as young as age 4. Taught by Master Hama, a Sixth Degree Black-Belt and Olympic Scholarship Recipient, our classes blend traditional and modern techniques to help students achieve consistent success in all areas of life.

Our Taekwondo programs not only teaches our young students kicking, punching, and self-defense techniques, but also guides them to become strong, respectful and caring people.

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Membership Fees:

  • 1st Family Member: $125/month
  • 2nd Family Member: $115/month ($240/family/month)
  • Additional Family Members: $100/month ($340+/family/month)
  • Olympic Sparring Class: $125/month

We also offer After School Program and Summer Camp for school-age kids.

Little Dragon (Ages 4-6)

Don’t tell them… but kids learn life skills through the art of Taekwondo, and have fun doing it.


  • Two class a week; 1 hour per class
  • Basic Taekwondo Techniques: Kicks, Punches, & Forms
  • Agility & Flexibility
  • Manners & Listening Skills
  • Discipline & Self-Control
  • Respect & Focus
  • Teamwork
  • Interactive Games
Taekwondo Martialart Class for little kids

Youth Dragon (Ages 7-12)

Youths will improve their physical abilities, confidence, sportsmanship, and responsibility.


  • Two classes a week; 1 hour per class
  • Advanced Taekwondo Techniques & Forms
  • Sparring Techniques
  • Enhanced Agility & Flexibility Training
  • Self-Defense
  • Responsibility
  • Leadership
Martial art girl and boy

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