Meet The Master

Master Hama Alzouma

  • Sixth Degree Black Belt
  • Olympic Scholarship Recipient
  • AAU National Team Member
  • Niger Olympic Team Member
  • Athlete Representative of AFTU, the African Taekwondo Union.

Winning Championships:

  • Canadian Open
  • German Open
  • Dutch Open
  • Military Championships
  • AAU Nationals
  • Morocco Open
  • NC Qualifier
  • GA Qualifier

International Experience:

  • World Championships, World
  • Olympic Qualifications, African
  • Olympic Qualifications, All French
  • Speaking Country Championships
  • Military Championships, US Open
  • German Open, Dutch Open, Tunisa
  • Open, Costa Rica Open, Sweden
  • Open, Morocco Open
Master Hama Alzouma at Empower

For years Hama Alzouma had watched his older bother succeed in Taekwodo competitions. When Hama was 16, his bother left Niger for Europe to open his own dojo and continue competing. The teenager felt lost without his big brother and turned to Taekwondo to release his angst and build his physical and mental strength.

By the time he was 21, Master Hama was competing nationally and internationally and was chosen as an Olympic Scholar. He came to the United States and was offered an opportunity to stay. He returned home to Niger, arranged for his visa and came back to the US to help Master Cann with her dojo, Carolina Kicks.

In 2017, Master Hama became a US citizen and in 2018 opened his own dojo here in New Bern, NC. His mission is to build physical agility and strong mental character in all of his students through Taekwondo.

Master Hama and Empower Taekwondo was featured as a successful story by the Small Business Center of Craven Community College. Read the article here. Watch the video below.

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